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How Theft Became Legal in the United States

March 4, 2017

The story of Robin Hood is about a man who steals from individuals and gives to others yet his character is looked at as one with virtue. How can a man who steals be considered virtuous? The reason is because we are told that the men he stole from were the real bad guys and that Robin… Read More ›

Democracy Stolen: We Must End Gerrymandering

Find me at @edub910 on Twitter Imagine a world where, rather than politicians being selected by voters that the voters get selected by the politicians. Well, you wouldn’t need much of an imagination because this is exactly what’s happening in America today. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to gerrymandering. The United States is… Read More ›

The Doomsday Scenario: Could Fascism Happen in America?

Could a fascist regime ACTUALLY be able to take over the American government? Simply put – Yes

Trump’s Inauguration: The Women’s March on DC

The Women’s March on Washington DC: You don’t have to ‘get it’ because the rest of us do

Trump’s Inauguration: A Day I Will Never Forget

Why Donald Trump’s inauguration was a day that I will never forget.

What Happened To Progressive America?

The fringe left of the progressive movement never ceases to amaze me. But this is too much….

The Fastest Way To A Successful Third Party

Sick of the Democrats and Republicans? Ready for a Change? Here’s the fastest way to start a new political party (a third party) so let’s do it…

There is NO War on Christmas

Why the “War on Christmas” from the left is an exaggerated conspiracy theory.

Pat McCrory: The Biggest Loser

Pat McCrory has made a fool of himself and his party during this election, yet somehow he is still managing to make it worse.

Joke’s On Us: The Manipulation of Abortion in American Politics

How abortion has been used through recent history by politicians to manipulate your vote.