What President Trump Should Do About The Violence In Chicago


In my hometown of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, which is said to be one of the cities in the country with the highest crime rates (mainly due to the small population and extremely high number of tourist) there is typically only a handful of murders a year, a number small enough to count on one hand that typically all occur during the annual biker week.  However, in 2016 the city of Chicago, Illinois clocked a staggering 762 murders. On average one kid under the age of 16 is murdered in “Chi-Town” every week. These numbers border on the statistics you would see in a 3rd world town suffering from genocide. So, why is this allowed to be an ongoing thing in one of the most well known cities in the greatest country on Earth? Why is there no outrage? Why are people not marching and protesting about this in mass numbers? You wouldn’t believe, but my best guess….. Racism. This is allowed to go on in Southside Chicago, year after year, and it is only getting worse. I believe if this had been going on in a predominantly white area the injustice would be addressed and stopped immediately. But let’s dive into a deeper analysis of why it is going on in the first place, why no one has stopped it yet, and the role our new President could play in finally bringing this carnage to an end.


With 4,367 shooting victims in 2016 alone, the question often arises in gun control debates, what about Chicago? Many, including President Trump, have argued that Chicago has the strictest gun control laws in the U.S., yet one of the high rates of gun violence. Well, this is because the people doing the shooting are outlaws; they conduct themselves outside of the law. This is really the whole in the entire gun control argument in general. If people want to kill, they will find ways to kill. And as such, if people want weapons they will find ways to get their hands on them. In fact they would prefer to obtain these guns illegally. The truth is responsible-legal gun owners buy guys to hunt wild game and defend themselves. They don’t buy guns with the intentions on robbing random victims at gun point and seeking out homicidal revenge on people from rival neighborhoods. To them the process is a hassle, but at the end of the day they don’t mind applying for and registering their firearms. Outlaws on the other hand would prefer what they call a “throw away,” a firearm that can be used to “put in work” and is not traceable back to them. In these streets these firearms are just as valuable as money and drugs and are often bartered in the same fashion as the two.

Chicago has a long history of gangs going back to the late 1800s. These gangs have always been built up on ethnic grounds. In the late 1970s-early 1980s the rise of black street gangs and the drug trade cut through and divided black gangs into geographically based crime syndicates. Peaking with the introduction of crack cocaine into the inner cities the black streets gangs became just as big as the Italian mafia. What was once an organized racket of entrepreneurs and soldiers designed to generate millions in the black market of illegal drugs is now more out of hand than anyone could have ever imagined. There are no more hustlers fighting to control drug real estate worth millions in illegal funds, just the sons and grand sons of those old hustlers shooting and killing each other over underground rap song ‘disses’ and Facebook beefs. And they are killing each other like life doesn’t mean a thing, and in many ways in their young minds, it truly doesn’t.

It’s hard being a young black male conservative. This morning I woke up to see news reports of my state’s Republican Senator Tim Scott, on the floor addressing his peers with mean Tweets sent to him from other people with the same black skin color as him, for supporting the appointment of Senator Jeff Sessions as the new administration’s Attorney General. You know; Coon, Uncle Tom, self-hater, house Negro, etc. The typical type of name calling any black male can expect for going against the typical Black-American narrative of radical liberalism and permanent/un-escapable victimhood. The same typical insults I hear oh so often. Another line I hear very often in discussion with others after they find out I voted for President Trump is, “What is Trump going to do for us?” My initial response is always the same, “Us who? Us Americans?” Their follow up reply is always the same, “No. Us black people.” Then I always remind them, since they often forget (or fail to accept), they are free American citizens, and the sample public/political policy that would apply to any other American (regardless of skin tone) would also apply to them. From early in his campaign President Trump has made it crystal clear that he wants to restore safety to Southside Chicago and other crippling majority black communities. Supporters of the radical ‘alt-left’ will lead you to believe this is a bad thing and racist, when in fact it is the exact opposite.


Those on the right, as well as black people in general, have question why ‘the first black President’ Barack Obama has never did anything to stop the death and carnage of black citizens in his hometown of Chicago. Unlike other politicians (from both sides), President Trump appears to be dead serious about honoring all his campaign promises, even though his haters seem determined to resist and oppose him every step of the way. On January 24th President Trump in classic-Trump communication fashion Tweeted, “If Chicago doesn’t fix the horrible ‘carnage’ going on, 228 shootings in 2017 with 42 killings (up 24% from 2016), I will send in the Feds!” in what seemed to be a public warning to the areas failing Governor and Mayor, who Trump had also recently be in a war of words with over Chicago’s sanctuary city stance. But many people wonder what did he mean by, “Send in the Feds!”


I don’t think anybody really completely knows what was meant by President Trump, but the local government and law enforcement is not getting the job done of protecting the people. Many people have said it is the fault of groups such as Black Lives Matter and the mainstream media for making it hard for police officers to be tough and do their job well from fear of getting involved in an incident that goes viral. Others have pointed blame at the guns laws, education system, job market, judicial system etc. However not too many have cast any blame towards the actual gang bangers doing the killing. In discussion about the Trump tweet I was once asked, “oh so that is Trump’s solution, to send the feds in to lock up more black boys instead of helping by getting them new jobs?” But what company would want to open a factory or plant in a war zone and have to deal with the liabilityof homicides being committed on the front step of their business daily? Have the kids committing these killings even been looking for jobs? If I offered them a job right now would they even want it? They have access to education now, but do they even show up to school and take it serious? The ideology of the people doing the killing has to be addressed at some point. And before that can take place the streets have to be cleaned up. How can you expect people to be willing to go to school and work everyday when they are too afraid to even leave the house from fear of getting shot in a random shooting? Right now Chicago needs law and order, and I’m not talking about SVU. Chicago needs the type of law and order you hear strong conservatives talking about like President Trump, A.G. Jeff Session, Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke, and even former Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy. Chicago needs tough prosecution and sentencing for its gun crimes. And finally, the young black men in Chicago need to decide, and decide now before it gets to late, do they want to be gang bangers and fall victim to the inevitable fate of prison or early death that comes with that choice or do they want to be productive contributing member of society. It’s not as hard as everyone makes it. We all have dealt with it at some point in the midst of the tangled fast-life. At the fork in the road some of us go left and some of us go right, but we all make our own choice. Let’s start to be honest with each other.  And most importantly let’s start to be honest with ourselves.


Years ago, when I was an ignorant child; young, dumb, and full of you know what, I would have said something stupid like “F the pigs” or “no snitching.” These codes have grown to become more than just street corner ethics held by those select few who devote their life to the game of hustling. These idiotic mottos have become general guides to life we teach our kids in the black community. We have to take control. We have to make a change. We have to stop complaining about oppression of the past and move forward. We have to stop hurting each other and then praising one another for it afterwards like it’s something cool to do. We have to stop begging and waiting on someone to come help us, and we need to help ourselves. Today I say that I pray Donald Trump sends the feds to Chicago. And I pray he locks up every gang banger out there that refuses to stop killing and poisoning their brothers and sisters. I can handle that. I pray they get locked up for a long time, one by one. And that prayer goes out to the little boy killed by stray gun fire while outside riding his bicycle like a little boy is supposed to. That prayer goes out to that 17 year old teenage girl there with the dream of getting a scholarship to medical school, but won’t even get the chance because gang bangers at her school are fighting and killing so much her teachers don’t even have the chance to teach. And it goes to out to that elderly couple that moved into the neighborhood 50 years ago to live the American dream of homeownership, worked their entire adult lives to pay their home off, and are now afraid to come outside and take a walk down their street because every time they do they get mugged. President Trump, it’s time!

Written by @rmassenb


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