What do you ACTUALLY have a “Right” to?

I wish we would bring back civics into our education system, because you all are getting dumber er’day.  Seriously, scroll through a comments section on a news article and tell me idiocracy isn’t more than one or two generations away…max!

Anyway, with Trump getting into the White House and appointing Goldman Sachs to his cabinet, I know I’m going to spend a lot of time railing on Republicans for the next several years, so occasionally I like bag on the Democrats so they don’t feel left out.  Also, John just put out a great post criticizing McCrory for acting like a little punk who flips the board game when he realizes he’s losing, so I feel like we need to even things out a bit.

Democrats and “Rights”

Democrats have a long and rich history of little to no understanding of what a right actually is.  Ever since FDR got them all fired up with his second bill of rights, there is virtually no act or privilege that they don’t think they have a right to:  education, housing, abortion, birth control, health insurance, etc.  Some of you are reading this right now and thinking, “Those AREN’T rights?” No, they aren’t.

Bear with me…

Let’s start with what you actually have a right to: Life, Liberty, and Property.  You have a right to live and not be murdered.  You have a right to freedom and not be made a slave.  You have a right to own property and not have it stolen from you.  If anyone attempts to infringe on those rights, you have a right to use violence to stop the aggressor.

These rights are natural, meaning they are a part of your nature.  You don’t need to learn these, they are instinctual.  Even my two year old understands these rights.  If you put my son in danger, he will fight to get out of it, timeout works because I am taking his liberty, and he fully understands what belongs to him (anyone with a child is tired of hearing “mine!”).

But Louis, people need healthcare, it’s a basic human right!  No, you do not have a right to the labor of a doctor.  You do not have a right to the labor of a nurse.  You do not have a right to the property of a hospital.  All those things belong to someone else, and if you claim them as your “right”, then you are taking away their liberty and their property.

You cannot have freedom and a right to education or healthcare; it makes slaves out of teachers and doctors.  You know what else people need?  Food, water, and shelter, but you don’t have a right to waltz into a McDonald’s and demand they feed you, or walk into a hotel and demand they give you a room.  Your needs don’t determine your rights.

But that’s not what we’re advocating Louis!  We’re saying government should pay for those services so people can get them free.  And how exactly do you think the government is going to pay for it genius?  It’s going to extort money, steal my property under threat of violence, to take the income generated from my labor to pay for what you want.  Yes, the Income Tax is slavery and theft, but that’s for another post.

You can’t force someone else to work for you, so you can’t demand goods or labor as rights.  People are not your property, and everything you love is not a right.



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