The Left’s Latest Conspiracy Theory: Russia

These hacks…

Alright, let’s start this op-ed with a word game. You ready? Okay; racism, misogyny, sexism, homophobia, Islamic phobia, xenophobia, bullying, stupidity, ignorance, and sexual predatory behavior just to name a few. What do all these words have in common? If you guessed words listed as hobbies under the bio section of my POF dating profile you would be close, but still no cigar. But what all these words do have in common is they are all excuses lefties have repeated over and over for the landslide win Trump accomplished over Clinton in early November. And, yes, it was a landslide win. All of you guys out there who play NBA 2K know the rules. Once you are losing by over 21 points it is declared a blowout and you have to pass the controller. Trump won by 74!

Excuses, excuses…

Once those excuses got redundant post-election we started to get the new round of weekly excuses. First it was the Electoral College process being flawed. This is crazy and basically complaining about the rules of the game after a loss. If a football team wins the Superbowl by scoring 1 touchdown and 3 field goals to a team that scored 2 touchdowns, the losing team can’t come back and complain that they should have won because they scored more touchdowns. Both teams came into the game knowing the rules. Second, it was “fake news,” which is ironic because no one puts out more fake news than the mainstream liberal media. Third, according to President Obama, it was because every restaurant and bar in the country has their TV’s displaying Fox News. And, now Russian hackers!

What hackers?

But who are these Russian hackers you ‘might’ be asking yourself? Are they hardcore PC gamers, who hack the email accounts of Presidential campaign managers, like John Podesta, in between intense online matches of League of Legends? Are they former Russian credit card scammers that switched their tech savvy from criminal enterprises to political email account password stealing for profit? Do these hackers even really exist? How much do you want to bet Donna Brazile’s email password was ‘Password1’? Who knows? But according to the left-wing media rackets and John McCain this one has KGB written all over it. So let’s take a look at all the evidence. The Washington Post shocked the world late last week when they re-released cited CIA claims from October in an article titled “Secret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win White House.”

Why the sudden outrage over old news?

Unlike the October article which placed motive for the claims on Russia’s want to ‘undermine confidence in the US electoral system,’ this time around the Post states that the CIA has changed the Russian motive now to ‘help Trump win the Presidency.’ The article then goes on to state intelligence agencies have identified individuals with connections to Russia provided WikiLeaks with all those emails we saw in the weeks leading up to the election. Remember #PodestaEmails16? Podesta was leaking more new material on the internet than an unsigned rapper without a mixtape budget. Well Trump’s, response to the follow up article wasn’t much different than his response to the original findings, pre-election. He said he doesn’t believe it, reminding us, “These are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. The election ended a long time ago in one of the biggest Electoral College victories in history. It’s now time to move on and “Make America Great Again.” After reading the article all I could ask myself is, why is the assessment secret? Why don’t they release the names of the people involved? If they state that the hidden named people have no direct link to Russia or the Kremlin why are they still blaming Russia for it? Who are the secret senators that got to see the evidence at the secret meeting? Why don’t they want people to see this evidence?  Even the motives they are trying to give are weak. They state it was to get Trump elected then later in the article state that intelligence officials  were unclear about that motive. Then they claim Russia’s whole point of doing this was to weaken the US citizen’s belief in the integrity of the election process? People barely trusted it already and from every email they released the people involved have said it was true. No one has said any of the emails are fake that were released. And the email’s are full or people conspiring together to rig the election, the primaries, the coverage of them, and the debates.

Move on…

With that being said the CIA should spend more time investing the people in the emails for rigging the election process instead of putting out reports saying they think it’s the Russians, with no solid evidence. It’s insane, the story was pointless, and people really think its credible information. Saying Russia hacked the DNC emails and investigating it right now is like launching an investigation into Puff Daddy to determine if him and Biggie killed 2Pac. All you’re going to get is a bunch of rumors and he say, she say.

Written by @rmassenb


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