Election 2016: From a Libertarian Perspective

I am a pro-life Christian Libertarian Veteran Hispanic…and I think those are enough labels to give you an idea of where I’m coming from. Basically, picking a candidate this election was a lot like picking which STD was just right for me.

The Primaries

Have you ever played a video game and created a special save at a critical juncture just in case if you screw things up you could go back to? Yeah, we should have done that in the primaries. I look back fondly to the summer of 2015 when the idea of Rand Paul, Jim Webb, or Austin Peterson as our next President was still within the realm of possibility. As the months, and the campaigns wore on, my hope dissipated and a year later I felt like Ace Ventura when he discovers Finkle is Einhorn and cries in the shower.




The Libertarian party learned a hard lesson this year. Austin Peterson was definitely a better candidate who was truer to small government principles, a good speaker, young, energetic, well spoken, and smart. Instead we went with a more “pragmatic” choice. Gary Johnson was a former Republican governor with plenty of name recognition and experience on the campaign trail. Gary was a flawed candidate though.

Let’s face it, the dude is weird, and for all his experience he sure carried himself like a rookie. Obviously I had a problem with his stance on abortion, but coupled with his glaring foreign policy gaps (Aleppo much?), his stance on gay wedding cakes (decidedly un-libertarian), and his choice of Bill Weld as VP drove far too many Libertarians away from the party’s choice.
Although Gary garnered more votes than any other third party candidate since Ross Perot, against the two most disliked candidates ever (for as long as we have data) he really should have fared MUCH better. I expected to see a Libertarian on the debate stage this year and was grossly disappointed that it didn’t happen…that being said, maybe we lucked out by not having his goofy ass up there.


Hillary is the personification of corruption in American politics. Here is a lady that has become a millionaire without creating a single product or selling anything other than political promises (literally). Rigging the primary was an affront to any measure of democracy that still exists in our country. It is clear that the decision to have Hillary Clinton be the nominee in 2016 was made back in 2008. The fact that the democrat party has super delegates is beyond me, and without them, Hillary doesn’t win.

As a former intelligence officer who has handled Top Secret information, I was especially appalled at the idea of her having a personal server. What she did was tantamount to laying down on the highway to take a nap and thinking that you’re not going to get hit by a car, and for what? Convenience? Actual lives of foreign assets with families are put at risk because of that gross negligence, and she didn’t give a damn. For those of you that don’t know, to move Top Secret information to an unsecured server is not an accident, you have to physically move files because those are completely different networks, and the email saying “remove the markings and send” show me that it was a willful act. The fact that the FBI chose not to prosecute just shows that people like her operate under a different set of laws…but the citizenry punished her.

More than personality problems, her policies were also no good. How is it that the DEMOCRAT is the most Hawkish candidate?! Democrats are supposed to be socially liberal, but here was a lady who has no problem with the racist drug war, fine with bombing people all over the world, and changed her stance on gay marriage for what appears to be political expediency. Her only economic promises were to raise taxes and continue Obamacare, which by the way saw MASSIVE premium hikes to millions of people right before an election. I know the Democrat talking point is that this is somehow Republican’s fault or that these increases are somehow less than what would have been. Both are bullshit. You had insurance companies write a law that limited competition allowing them to increase prices and force everyone to buy their product. I recently had conversations with my neighbors who are retired that are now considering going back to work to handle the increase in healthcare costs. The majority of Americans saw rate increases, lost their doctors, and were forced into a different plan…all despite Obama’s repeated promises ad nauseam in 2009. The effect this had on the election has been incredibly minimized in my opinion.

Democrats, you lost because you picked Hillary Clinton and didn’t show up to the polls.
Frankly, when I heard her stage was in the shape of the USA under a glass ceiling for her to give her “acceptance speech” and then she didn’t even show was hilarious to me. It made the pain of the prospect of a Trump presidency almost bearable for a moment.


I think Donald Trump is a piece of shit. He’s a serial unapologetic sexual predator whose moral bankruptcy is shadowed only by his megalomania and narcissism. I have sandals I wear every day in the summer that flip-flop less than this dude on pretty much any issue. This is a man who minimizes the sacrifices of POW’s and has literally no appreciation for the cost required in earning a purple heart. The way he spoke to and about a gold-star family was sickening, and advocating for the murder and torture of innocent women and children is despicable. His comments about Judge Curiel are the very definition of racism, undertones of which (whether implicit or explicit) certainly permeated throughout his campaign from his very first speech. Economically, his nationalistic stance on trade could be a nuclear bomb for our economy if he pursues the positions he advocated in many speeches. If we go into Smoot-Hawley territory again, we will certainly delve into another depression, which frankly this economy can’t stand. He is the product of a silver spoon upbringing and a mommy that told him he was amazing too many times.

There are few people in America that I like less than Donald Trump. That being said, I’ve looked at his 100 day plan, and as long as we avoid a trade war with China or push the rest of the world to drop the dollar as their reserve currency, will probably be okay. I’m looking forward to a full repeal of the atrocity that is Obamacare, and a return of the anti-war left…I’ve missed you, it’s been lonely these past 8 years.

In the end I believe our country will survive. The one thing that sets US citizens apart from all others in the rest of the world is that someone, somewhere in your lineage said, “Screw this, I can do better.” You either left tyranny, or you fought it here within our borders. Regardless, you have earned your freedom and have shown a willingness to fight to maintain it, and in THAT I will join you gladly.

God Bless every one of you, and God Bless the already great United States of America!

– Louis Fernandez


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