Election 2016: A Conservative Point of View

My Premonition 


This morning I woke to a text from a friend of mine (a fellow Donald Trump supporter) inviting me to join on a trip to the inauguration of our newly crowned President-Elect, which I respectfully declined. Though I would love to take that trip to Washington D.C. to celebrate this monumental event with my fellow Americans, I still believe the Trump administration will usher in a great period of prosperity for America, however in my mind all I envision is violent attacks and protesters disrupting what should be such a glorious day. I truly pray that my visions are completely wrong and everything goes smoothly on January 20th; however I am weary of the potential negative circumstances looming, and believe the inevitability of what I foresee as an unavoidable chain of events set to happen in our near future.

The Current Situation


We are now almost a month removed from the presidential election, and somehow (to my displeasure) people still seem to be very unwilling to accept the election results. Even with Trump already making progress towards saving the jobs of various American workers (e.g. Carrier and Ford), it still isn’t unusual to see the chatter all over social media from people claiming that Trump is “Not My President.” Former presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Jill Stein have recently rallied together to file for a recount in several key battleground states won by Trump on election night. I find this terribly ironic, considering many of the people who identify as liberals were the same exact ones ridiculing Trump for suggesting that he may not be so open to accept the election results if he lost. I even witness a man on CNN who claimed to be the pastor of a church (Rev. Dr. William Barber) encouraging citizens to go out and display “civil disobedience” to show their anger over the election results, so needless to say I will not be changing my mind about attending the upcoming inauguration. I have absolutely no interest in being surrounded by chaotic madness and uncertainty for an entire day by those intentionally participating in civil disobedience on what should be a positive experience and a historic day for this country.


Creating Problems That Don’t Exist


Sometimes I can’t help but feel like I am trapped in some kind of parallel universe full of hypocrisy where logic seems to be a scarce commodity. As I witnessed Trump take the stage in Cincinnati for the first stop of his “Thank You Tour” I felt comforted hearing his dialogue vocalizing the value of fiscal responsibility and government spending, bringing back American manufacturing jobs on a large scale, taking an offensive stance on preventing terrorism, as well as his exhortation of ending divisive labels among cultural groups by suggesting that we all come together as one America. However after the speech (to my dismay) all I hear from the political pundits is references to racial, gender, sexual, economic, social, and religious division. The audacity of these critics attempting to question why he made no mention of “ending the divide” literally stunned me to the point I actually questioned myself wondering if I was even watching the same speech they are painting in such a negative light.

Looking Toward The Future


No one truly knows what 2017 has to offer, but I’m optimistic in the prospect of our future. I hope that in the coming days a greater range of Americans will eventually be able to look past the false narrative they are seeing on these so called “news channels.” I hope that our citizens will actually be able to think for themselves to develop their own opinions rather than being told what to think, or how to act and feel by our national media (whether they agree with the policies and stances of the President-Elect or not). I also hope that Trump is able to live up to the expectations of his loyal supporters, follow through and fulfill each and every campaign promise he made to those of us that put him in the White House. I’ll say this, so far I believe that he’s off to a good start with his campaign promises, but with the constant flood of political news that doesn’t pertain to our President-Elect (for example, yesterday Wikileaks released over 90GB of information belonging the the administration of German Chancellor Angela Merkel of which includes evidence she is cooperating with the NSA in regards to spying on German citizens), I’m quite sure that no matter what, 2017 will be just as event filled as 2016 was.

Written by @rmassenb


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