Welcome to Center of the Aisle


Our mission is to fairly and accurately convey all political ideologies simultaneously in a way that accurately represents the American public. We are of the belief that people don’t necessarily share the same views, and that’s okay. Each author has an unfiltered outlet to express the true sentiments of the side of the aisle they represent. We encourage respectful debate of ideas and encourage healthy discussion as it is fundamental in a working democracy. We are also the home of “political utilitarianism” – a political philosophy that literally represents the ‘center of the aisle’ – which is fitting.

With the growing abundance of yellow journalism (fake news) here at Center of the Aisle we value core the journalistic principles that yield honest reporting. With so many biased websites and media outlets we set out to create a new standard that breaks away from the traditional labels. Our outlook is this – rather than push an agenda or a specific bias to sway readers in any specific direction, we’d rather present everyone’s arguments and let you decide for yourself. Conservatives are welcome. Progressives and Liberals are welcome. Libertarians and Green Party supporters are welcome. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you believe, as long as you actively believe it.


Interested In Writing For COTA?

We are looking to begin adding multiple writers with varying political ideologies – if you have the passion to write and want to let your voice be heard please contact us! COTAPolitics@gmail.com